Monday, November 24, 2003

Sorry about the complete "no show" here this weekend. Spent all evening working on my friends Svavas blogg page, please have a look and tell me what you think !!

Apart from that all´s mostly quiet on this front... Ragnar went up north to visit his grandmother on Friday. His great grandmother picked him up and away he went to milk cows, feed sheep and have a great time with his aunt :-) (p.s. this aunt is the exact same age as he)

Me and Elena on the other hand, had a quiet girls night, eating sweets and making Christmas Cards :-)

Then on Saturday I did one of those silly, stupid things I tend to do once or twice a year.. :-( I attended a double birthday party in Eyrarbakki. It was my cousins daughter birthday as well as her husbands birthday and showing up for that is in no way out of the ordinary, but alas, when one enjoys a really bad case of allergy and the houshold in question has six cats and a dog...well then you start to see the dilemma....

I did stay for four hours but by then I was wheezing, caughing, bright red and my face had blown up to double it´s normal size..And that´s something I can´t really afford ;-)

So today I am suffering the rpercussions of my annual stupidity, wheezing away and generally just feeling sorry for myself ;-P

Hey if I don´t who will !!!


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