Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Ahhhh...Tis the season!

Tis the season once again, the one of jollyness...... Marked by halls decked by stressed out students, creditors knocking on the door and decorated leafless trees swaying in the sleet and storm.

The heavy sleet/rain bangs on my window falling down in bursts so loud as to make me pull away* prepairing for a wet bucket. Thoughts of exams, unwritten essay, christmas presents to be bought, tidying up to be done and Christmas lamb fill my thoughts...

As always during exams I have been remarkably energetic in my tidying up for the past week or so. Those of you with any real personal knowledge of me will know this to be highly irregular and albeit useful still somewhat discorncerting. Sorting through boxes packed this summer as well as before I left for Blönduós four years ago. Many things have come to light, some intresting, some in the rubbish bin but all of wich are in exess of my fourty square meters I have to live in. One good point though, I Did find my japanese cds which have made studying slightly more fun, and studying has been done I assure u ;-)

Ahh, no mo more time for idle chatter (I was about to start in on Christmas presents, the amount of ex-inlaws under confirmation age and the complete lack of financial sense :-) I´d best be off to practice my “wa”s and “ga”s lest I fail and not get any student loans!!

December greetings to y´all,

Love Gunnella.

* (might have something to do with living in a semi below ground cellar and my bed (for lack of space for a desk) being right under the sidewalk)


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