Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Buy a friend to show you around Reykjavík nightlife

Lol I´m impressed! and now I realize that anything exists!!!!

And here I though that´s what the internet was for ;-) meeting people online to have someone to hang out with once u actually get there ;-P Or one can meet on airplanes (Stu ;-), in Japan (Ali, Asuka ;-), through blogs or other friends ;-). But hey I fully expect this to work as well, albeit ever so slightly cheezy/sleazy. But come on 25.000kr???? Isn´t that a tad over the top??
I just tend to show up at unsuspecting friends houses two, five or ten years later and (much to their dismay) expect to stay there just like they stayed at my place..quid per quo, works much better, and you´re left with weird friends who read your blog for a laugh ;-) And the partying in Boston, Clywid and Edinburgh proves it´s all worth it !! :-D


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