Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Christmas tomorrow...

Tonight mr candlesnatcher will arrive on the Reykjavík scene, doubtless creating havock like his brothers before him. Food has been bougth, new clothes for the kids from the innermost to the fancy parts , guests invited, bathrooms cleaned, presents (some at least) distributed and chores divided... tomorrow will comence by the boiling of the smoked lamb during which I´ll probably decorate the tree with the kids..... Baths will ensue, followed by really fancu clothes and a small amount of food preparation stress.....
At six a clock sharp, we´ll sit down to dinner.

Watching reruns of idol (the icelandic version) on late night tv I was surpriced when they asked each contestant which of the santas (Yule lads) was their favorite.. I´d never really thought of it that way but it made sense..... one guy said he liked mr door slammer, due to his energy and flamboynce ..... I myself, once I thought of it, like candle snatcher..... he´s not all about food, women or loudness instead he literally seeks enlightenment..... ;-) Share your thoughts on this by all means!

So in short;
Cooking from 12 onwards, baths and tidying up..then fancy clothes and dinner at 6...
post dinner the relaxed opening of the presents and then plain chillin... including kids playing with presents, cookies, clementines, candles, books and mmmmmm pure and utter nice ness :-D


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