Monday, December 29, 2003

Comfy Christmas in Snowy Iceland

I´ve had a really nice Christmas :-) The past few days have been overly quiet though seen as the kids are away, and being the teenager I am, as soon as no one is making me get up in the mornings my days become skewed, in as much as I eat at extremely irregular hours, stay up until morning and get up in the afternoon.... But hey isn´t that what holidays are all about ;-) Being given the first two seasons of Smallville (which I´d never seen before) hasn´t helped much either ;-) Went to see Lord of the rings which was, of course, great and I´m proud to say that I not once laughed out loud when all the hugging and the kissing and the crying commenced, yet again ;-) yay! go me!! (far exceeds my self control when seeing the Titanic ... muhahhhhaahhaa)
Christmas eve was great, the kids were (understandably) hyper with all the waiting, sweets and presents. I got loads of cool prezzies, I love getting presents, just wish I could have given more.... anyways..

*Got a load of extremely cool socks from my cousin ;-) I love multicoloured weird socks
*an intrigueing naturistic pencil set from Asuka (I collect pencil cases)
*Anne Rices Blackwood farm from Svava, which only goes to show how well she indeed knows me, seeing as it´s the only book I´d already bought in the last two months ;-) looking forward to changing it for either the new David Eddings one or an older Anne Rice :-D
*An ethnic diary from my favorite Akureyri highschool student ;-)
*An Excellent set of things ordered on J-list from Stu ;-) Said he got the idea from my blog..I wonder how...;-Þ the t-shirt on the right was one of them, as with all the j-list t-shirts the text will cause a reaction when I wear it to school after the holidays :-)
*A black top from Liz and John (how´d they come up with black I´ll never know ;-)
*Michael Moores dude where´s my country (as well as a whole batch of Smallville) from Halldór
*The Thomas Crown affair from Steini
*A scented candle amidts a nice candle holder from my aunt in Norway

Of course I, in a way consider all the things my kids get kinda mine as well.... but I´m not going to recount all those up here ;-) Just thank you all!!

On Chritmas day I had invited guests...ah already written about that see post from the 26th ;-)

At the moment I´m actually sitting at my computer, o.k. that kinda was a given, but am also gearing up for writing a bit ... writing a chapter or two in my infamous essay..... yup, holidays are kinda over but there´s still loads of quiet seeing as the kids won´t return until the second, loads of leftovers and this relaxed, surpricingly non stressed joie de vivre (I don´t speak French!!) left which I´m hoping to direct towards both writing as well as sorting though the kids bedroom :-) so wish me luck.... (and perhaps a bit of stamina)

Loads of comfy holiday cheer from an incredibly snowy Iceland :-)


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