Thursday, December 11, 2003

Naked Cowboys, Firefly and Buffy, just generally life when avoiding Kanji revision ;-)

Remember the naked cowboy ;-) ?

He´s the cover pic for yahoo today, and even though it´s snowing over there in New Yourk he´s still wearing his.. what..? It looks like a training diaper? Maby it´s padded for added comfort and insulation... Wouldn´t want anything to freeze off now would we...

Talking of covers, todays imdb cover features the release of Firefly on dvd, yet another thing my materialistic self WANTS ;-) Watching the pilot I didn´t think much of it but boy was it catching!! Really well written dialogs, well defined characters as well as roles (o.k. so that kinda simplyfies it but it´s far better than when nobody seems to know what kind of character they´re supposed to be potraying) and the theme song, ahh yes the theme song. As horrible as star treks new one, it is unfortunately just as catching (you trekkies know what I´m talking about don´t you?)

Another dvd release is Buffys season five !..Another big me wants..... But there again I want all the, I take that back I have both series one and seven on dvd (no questions regarding the second one ;Þ)

then scrolling down the imdb page it also happens to feature an in depth description of one of Icelands singularly happy movies...."not" 101 Reykjavík. Highly recommendable if you like arty farty dogmaesque deep meaningful, rough, perverted movies about alienated good for nothings ;-)

On a more personal note...I´m sitting in bed alternating between reading my kanji cards and browsing the web. The computer being turned on under the pretences that I´m using my kanji program to make notes....

Oh well, the written test is tomorrow.. we´ll see how I fare there (hopefully a hell of a lot better than on my history exam!!!)

Today is just filled with me wants!! Just came accross concert info for Ghost of a Robot in May next year.. :/ mesa wants....but alas I just might be right in the middle of exams just around then and not really in a position to go gallavanting off to London to view Mr. Marsters ;-P


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