Thursday, December 18, 2003

o.k. at the risk of sounding old fashioned, patronising..WTF is happening to people????

Parents are weening their babies off breastmilk by "blending" hamburgers, fried chicken, chinese takeaway and chips (french fries) and feeding that to the kids....??? O.k I´m far from being a healthy eater and unfortunately that reflects on my kids, that doesn´t mean I´m not health conscius... I for instance think labelling food meant for children as fat free is ridiculous, seeing as kids need fat, preferrably animal fat for proper developement. However there are some things one adheres to. Like for instance keeping them away from large quantities of fish, eggs, sugar and salt for the first year (won´t even start in on msg, that´s just plain ridiculous)

As with everything else the rule "all is good in moderation" applies. Sweets are fine (after a certain age) as long as it´s in moderation, for instance on sweet days or linked to a certain event, like birthdays or something. Ragnar absolutely loves cod-liver oil, extremely healthy in tiny quantities and dangerous in larger ones. Elena will always finish off the fat (meat fat) of other peoples plates at the end of the meal...albeit gross I think it´s ok she obviously just needs her energy (she´s skinny).

It all seems to be so exaggerated, kids are either turning up with eating disorders or obese.... My four year old came home from playschool the other day complaining that she was so fat she couldn´t fit into her dress....? She´s a fairly skinny one, apart from a natural baby tummy... It´s just so scary that she interpreted growing as becoming fat ! Whyever should a four year old be even aware of such things, were she obese that would be a matter for the family to take care of by simply lowering the amount of fat in the food at home, the child shouldn´t even be aware of it!!

"Messages for adults don't apply to children, certainly not at this age."

Blahh humbug, sorry this just pisses me off

O.k. since I´m obvuously off on a rant here..... childrens clothes and weight watchers

What is it with childrens clothes these days, espescially girls clothes?? Tight dresses with cleavages aren´t exactly what I picture my four year old wearing. Add high heels to the concoction and makeup and it just seems plain scary to me... These are children but there just seems to be so much pressure on them to become grownups..

And why is there never any mention of the people who suffer from weight problems, no not obesity but from not being able to keep up their weight...Oh..that´s right, it´s because they look "right" they are skinny and hence fit into the societies compartment for attractive people.. I have mayhaps two friends who I would say "suffer" from obesity, i.e. couldn´t lose weight without help and have difficulty coping with life on a day to day basis due to this disability.. Apart from that I have loads of friends who talk about being t fat (me included) but who would have no real difficulty loosing weight were they to get up off their### and actually do something about it ;-)

The people I know who can´t keep up their weight do suffer both physical sideeffects as well social ones. The social ones being ones of non appreciation for the "problem", i.e. failing to see how being just skin and bones can be a problem, and of stigma..i.e being thought to have aids, cancer, anorexia or actually wanting to be like that..... There is no way to win is there..

o.k. rant over ;-) for now


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