Thursday, January 08, 2004

First day of school

I am so incredibly knackered !!! School started today and I´ve gone and done something stupid as usual ;-) I´ve signed up for a week long course worth three units (6 ects) which would be nice if it weren´t for the fact that I´m also starting my full time japanese course as well..... Need one of them watches from Dumbeldore, or a piece of kryptonite (o.k. so I´m a bit too into pop culture) so as to be able to be in two places at once.... oh well it´s only a week and the course is really interesting, all about the correlation between archaeology and folklore...and interesting mesh of people there as well... heightened emotions as two schools of thought met ;-) ahhh life is so much fun "innit"?

Now here´s an upcoming reality tv show that´ll possibly even further evolve the genre of "reality" tv... They´re calling it "surreal life" .. hum isn´t that what we´ve had all along..? so whats new...ah yes the possibility of getting away with more stuff on tv ;-)


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