Monday, January 19, 2004

Great day in the snow :-D

Today was exactly as Sundays should be, :-) lazy morning, easy lunch and then off to the slopes!! (The slopes in this case being the drive up to the school court yard) The sled was dug out and the kids clad in as many layers of clothes as would fit inside the snowsuits ;-)
Up there we met up with a family whose son attends the same playschool as Elena and after a fun filled afternoon ended up going over to their house for waffles, then came computer talk resaulting in a new blog... the kids exstatic having been fed popcorn and Trópí, so we didn´t leave there until around six.....
At the end of the day I hadn´t done any of the things I "should" have done today, i.e. washing, kithen, .. excetra but the day was perfect :-D
Hope yours was as good!

More pictures here as usual ;-)


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