Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I love Mondays
(ps. anyone notice how irritatingly happy I´ve been for the past few days :-/ ?)

Having arrived early today I sat in the centre (the centre being an open space from which one can enter the five movie theatres used as lecturing halls) and pretended to study ;-) As I sat there I met an aunt, who´s only six years older than me, whom I haven´t met for over four years :-) I met a fellow MH student with whom I used to study for my statistics exam and I met Gunna, a childhood friend from accross the street who´s here heading for her masters degree. (Hey how else to use your maternity leave ;-)

This is one of the two reasons for which I moved back to Reykjavík !!

1) meeting people, being able to walk down Laugarvegur and see at least 2 or three familiar faces, seeing as I´ve lived here all my life :-D this sense of familiarity and of belonging. Sappy I know.

2) Then number two is exemplified by last weekend, On Friday night I went out to a beer evening with my fellow Japanese students, drinking, playing pool and gleefully chatting in English and Japanese. Then come Saturday I had an exam on folklore and Archaeology “in English” mind u, after which I was invited to lunch by a fellow student for whom I´d translated and whom I´d given a copy of my notes for the course. He´s Italian with a limited knowledge of English hence the help :-) At his house (he lives in a kind of dormitory) everyone was kinda gathered in the kitchen and Spanish and Italian were being spoken back and forth without any difficulty :-D

So what I obviously need to blossom, o.k. thrive ;-) Is a multicultural environment that is still familiar :-) That´s not asking too much is it? ;-)

Ahhh I also had a epiphany.....
Life is not a destination but a journey ...


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