Sunday, January 18, 2004

Japanese beer evening and exams

Had the greatest time on Friday night, admittingly I should have been at home deeply engrossed in the various articles for the archaeology and folklore exam the following morning. But free beer? It was too good to pass up. :-D The japanese students met up at Gaukur á Stöng, a place I knew of old (well what would YOU call ten years ago?) but has changed dramatically since then. We were upstairs in a very spacious and well lit area filled with pool tables as well as a gigantic screen ..... The gigantic screen part was for those forlorne fanatical followers of the Icelandic Idol.. Apparently the final episode was happening right there and then so I can now say I managed to catch one episode ;-)
The evening was great the company greater and I managed not to over overindulge in my drinking ;-P So now I avidly await the pictures, or at least I think I do ;-)

The exam the following morning went very well as well, I´m not saying it couldn´t have gone better but I knew the answer to all but one question ( Or I think I knew ;-) now I need to finish one paper on the subject and then that course is over.


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