Friday, January 16, 2004

Kama sutra for couples

"Men; don't be afraid! Get your woman in front of the computer! I "

A very interesting site containing the quote above.... he he hows that for romanticism ;-) ?
Below there are really interesting scriptures includin this one which made me think....( yeah it actually happens occasionally ;-)

A girl should be taken as a wife, as also given in marriage, when fortune, signs, omens, and the words3 of others are favourable, for, says Ghotakamukha, a man should not marry at any time he likes. A girl who is asleep, crying, or gone out of the house when sought in marriage, or who is betrothed to another, should not be married. The following
also should be avoided:

· One who is kept concealed
· One who has an ill-sounding name
· One who has her nose depressed
· One who has her nostril turned up
· One who is formed like a male
· One who is bent down
· One who has crooked thighs
· One who has a projecting forehead
· One who has a bald head
· One who does not like purity
· One who has been polluted by another
· One who is affected with the Gulma4
· One who is disfigured in any way
· One who has fully arrived at puberty
· One who is a friend
· One who is a younger sister
· One who is a Varshakari5

And the last part .... When a girl becomes marriageable her parents should dress her smartly, and should place
her where she can be easily seen by all.

So what´s a depressed nose and an upturned nostril?????? Any ideas or suggestions?


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