Thursday, January 08, 2004

Oh what a beautiful mooorning, oh what a beautiful day, I´ve got......

It´s shaping up to be an excellent day :-D! It´s only nine o´clock and though I admittedly woke up with cold and sinusitis that´s mere physical stuff ;-)
So why the good mood..? I don´t really know... The kids were really good about getting up, giving me a hug (Elena) and a kiss (Ragnar) as they woke up. Ragnar prepaired breakfast for the two of them whilst I spent fifteen minutes removing the dreads from Elenas hair resaulting in her now sporting a very blond and very soon to be gone afro ;-)

Walking Elena to playschool was a pleasure, there´s a completely full moon, the wind has died down and there is an apparent increase in temperature. I finally said hi to the gorgeous dressmaker whose work-shop we pass each morning. I´m really looking forward to class at eleven and until then I have Anne Rice to keep me company, courtesy of Svava :-D was even contemplating the solarium but think I´ll keep that until after school. Sound weird with all the cancer conciousness that abounds? Well imagine living in a cold northern country, where one hardly sees any sun around this time of year. Let me rephrase, you get a bit of daylight but no sun. And then being able, for ten minutes just to experience pure warmth and light :-D Ahhh I´m definitevly going this afternoon!

Catch you guys later :-) Marius and Amadeo await my company ;-P


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