Saturday, January 03, 2004

Our birthday is the twentieth of April

These people all share the same birthday ;-) wonder if perusing their blogs I´ll find some sort of common thread, mayhaps my madness is purely a matter of when I was born :-P

Ingrid Jones - Bob Sawyer - Jesse Hamilton - Nicole - James Little - Kate

Or perhaps not .....Personally I think they´re saner ;-) What do you think?

On a funner note ;-) I realize that´s not actually a word, The kids are home again :D

Managed to sort through their room whilst they were away and they were indeed suitably impressed upon returning ! ;-) Elena came home with extremely cute dreadlocks ;-) the funny thing is that her hair is so striped, a la Icelandic kids, i.e. ranging from extremely blond to brunette resaulting in striped dreads ;-P Scarily high cuteness factor....


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