Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Typical morning in the Gunnella household

SO I wake up to a typicly weird, survivoresque dream involving spiders, ex co workers, freezing cold, stealing and an artist second cousin whom I haven´t heard of in years ::? The kids are playing mess the room, judging by the room they´ve been awake for a while ;-) Scramble to the washing room for clean underwear and clothes for them. Scramble back realizing I forgot tights for Elena. Shower, unusally this five minute "my time" is only interrupted twice with a teery eyed story of how her brother sat in her chair (she´s an expert on teary eyedness) and then the second one a protestation of innocence, apparently there had been a bionicle man in the chair, hence it was his. Shout for the kids to stop arguing and start serving sour milk (it´s a yogurt type stuff with a foul name) and brown sugar..
o.k. this is boring..
it´s just amazing how much work gets done in the thirty or fourty minutes from waking up until getting back home after walking them to school. Making sure Ragnar has cream on his hands and nose (frost dryness), brushing Elenas hair and plaiting it, making sandwiches, finding swimwear (swimming is a compulsary subject here), making Ragnar change from his *cool* coat to a wintersuit and from his wellies to his winterboots, telling Elena for the third time "no" she may not bring toys to playschool, making sure everything is in Ragnars pencilcase and that he has lead in his pencil.
Then after having accompanied them , returning home to this pure silence....and then the biggest challenge of all!!!
Resisting the temptation of my big comfy bed ;-) And instead blogging a bit before finishing my Sakubun and running off to school myself.

This homeyness seems so far removed from my character


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