Saturday, February 28, 2004

Aha (insert flashy french accent) I ave recieved a phoone intoo which to sticke mye newly aquired phonecard ahh yess... ;-) ? Oui Oui and is it appareeent that (o.k. turn off the phony not working French accent)

Anyways I´m back in Iceland, have phone, can recieve text messages and will tomorrow travel up north to attempt to reclaim my children from the bosom of the Icelandic countryside, the farm and the grandparents...

So in regards to my mobile... those of you whos mobile phone numbers I should have...could you PLEASE text/sms me with your name and number....Pretty please :-)

And now for my most irritating link ever posted !!! ;-) Go to the middle of this page and have a go at the rubicks cube....Scarily addictive.. As soon as you try this my eveil deed of the week will have been fulfilled Muhhahhhahhhaaaa


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