Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Aww now I've done it

I've gone and lost my phone :-( and can hence not send funny blog pictures via my mobile :-( oh well.. When I arrived all was as I'd imagined, nothing packed and everything left to do ;-) We're making some headway, nearly all books packed and two sets of shelves dismantled.... I've also managed to get in some quality drinking time as well. Steini is now working in one of the neighborhood Irish pubs so I went to pick him up on Saturday and we came home promptly..... 10 hours, 6 pubs and loads fewer Euros later ;-D

Then yesterday we went to church...o.k. stop with the gasping ;-) dad's really big on church so... at the end of the service the priest bad him farewell, gave him the new version of the book of common prayer which I thought was really nice... We then went out to dinner with all his church mates, which was fun as well.. you know the kind of fun you wouldn't like to do every day but is an experience in itself... There dad has this whole community to which he belongs and of which I know nothing. (Met some old teachers there though ;-) that reminiced about intresting chemistry experiments of mine resaulting in big exlosions and subsequent ear pulling on his part ;-) best not tell Ragnar about this quite yet....

well, had better get my (not so bony) ass accross the street again and contiue with the packing. At least I had a small shot of internet to counteract the imminent withdrawal syndrome ;-) Until next time... wonder what I'll have lost by then ... any bets?


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