Sunday, February 01, 2004

Hey ya´all in case you´re wondering where I´d dissappeared to I did send out a distress call but no one answered :-(

Anyways school has kept me moderately busy, been trying to read Genji with rather little entusiasm :/ managed to find some webpages to help me along, just thought I´d post them in case anyone was intrested...

O.k. to begin with the family tree is somewhat distorted...;-)

Here´s a list Of the stories main characters.
In depth summary of each chapter one by one ;-P.
Illustrations for the story through the times.
The original text in Japanese;-) For those who dare, even available in romaji. The story with illustrations and descriptions.

And finally one small article to counteract all the femminist views expressed by the lecturer ;-) "Hikaru Genji as a Transvestite Mother'"


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