Wednesday, February 18, 2004

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You know the feeling when you don´t feel like you have anything of interest to say but know once you get a ramblin there will be no stopping you ;-)
Wellll... in regards to myself I´m off to Italy tomorrow to assist dad with the moving up here (up here being Iceland). He´s finally letting go of the apartment he has there and "settling" down here in Iceland.. It´ll be strange not having a home there, seeing as he´s been there for the greater part of the past 20 years. I only lived there for two years but it still has that home feeling about it, I know my way around.....
Admittingly although it "sounds" like a fun filled trip abroad... I´m vary of such minor fact as the whole of my family having the inherent talent of taking procrastination to new and before unexperienced limits :-( Called them the other day (Steini and Dad) after they´d been there for three weeks supposedly packing and they hadn´t even bought boxes yet.... Ahh but on the bright side I´ll be tidying up in Rome ;-) Packing boxes in Rome and cleaning walls, floors and cupboards in Rome.... muahhhahhhaaaa ;-P
But anyways off tomorrow, doing loads of washing right now, making sure the poor kids have all they need for their respective stayovers, luckily they´ll have a non matching pair of socks and a t-shirt or two to take with them.

As for my packing, well the passport´s here as well as the ticket....anything else is surplus :-D

Ragnars speech disability is constantly becoming less and less noticable.
He crawled into bed this morning auch cold toes ;-) and listening to him was such fun, He went from pondering the end number of infinity, to dinasaurs, to molten lava, to sour milk, to the logic behind tickling to fishing techniques when fishing for sharks to ....... I´ve got the vague sensation that I do indeed own a part of him ;-) that scatterbrained jumping form one trivia to another sound familiar to anyone.. ..?

Zoom over to Elena, picture an american teen movie all the girls screaming a sqeeking and grabbing each other for no apparent reason. O.k. image in your head? Now zoom in on her playschool this morning and picture a group of small, extremely pink ponytailed girls, again all sqeeking and screaming and running to hug Elena complementing her hair and dress ..... Doesn´t bode well for me does it .... ;-) She is amazing, smart, quick and in many ways reminds me of my brother in as much as she craves constant attention.. I do often wonder though how I managed to get this small, fashion orientated, hyper social blond butterfly :-D My theory is that it´s in the genes but jumps every other generation, because mum was this fashion social kind of persona and poor her, she got stuck with a daughter who on her third birthday made a deal with her...No dresses or skirts except on birthdays and Christmas.. Jeans the rest of the time.. She´d have so loved spoiling Elena..

Oh by the way, got 8.5 on my archaeology and folklore course, now that´s closer to the grades I´m accustomed to ;-) (Haven´t been getting good enough grades in Japanese *blush* but come to think of it I´ve never done well with languages in school. No problem mastering a language once I´m there but Grammar ughhh..

Anyways .. until next time, "Live long and prosper" and by all means do something I wouldn´t do, and then tell me about it ;-)


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