Wednesday, February 25, 2004

A Sirroccoan day in fun filled Rome

Amazing, today we managed to finish the packing and get the boxes off to Iceland..It remains however to be seen how many of the actually turn up in Iceland, when and in what state ;-)

Weird cold rains going on here in Rome, something called the Sirrocco, a Saharan rain thing that leaves the cars covered with brown mud... pretty weird and impossible to get out of ones clothes..

Wonder if it's me that's causing it, last time I came to Rome it was easter and they had their first easter snow in a century and now muddy rain..? hummmm

Feels kinda strange to be supposedly leaving Rome for good, not to have a home away from home here :-/

Anyways pretty beat as you can probably deduce by one monosyllabic sentences, catch up with you tomorrw..night night


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