Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Ahhhhhh the sound of two weeks worth of stomacky money worry tension being instantly alleviated :-) How often does one encounter bank errors in ones favour?? Went to the bank to beg for an even higher overdraft limit seeing as I have to shell out 150.000 Icelandic krona on Friday for Ragnars teeth to be operated upon. Alas to my great surprice and joy she asked me why seeing as I had loads of money in the student loans account and then she went..ohhhh we kinda forgot to transfer it to you *blush* ;-) So come Friday I can manage to pay for the operation as well as the anasthetic for my son :-D GREAT SIGH OF RELIEF !!

On a more serious note.. When I was a kid all dental care for children was paid for by the state!! Since then taxes have ony gotten higher so why do we now have to pay the full price at the dentists then potter along to the social security institute to get supposedly 75% back... only to find that it isn´t even 75% because you see they pay according to their price list which is somewhat lower than the dentists..???!!???

Blehhh... add that to the discontentment surrounding the University of Iceland planning to implement high enrollement fees and I´m NOT happy!!!

Judging by the amount of taxes we pay we should be able to expect the state to run at least ONE proper university where ones financial backround is of lesser importance so as to increase equality among students!!!

But of course the student loans here are such that one has to have a person to guarantee ones loans, which not everybody has.. then every single penny you manage to earn alongside or during the summer detracts from the "loan" you get, as do social benefits for instance child support and stuff!! You´d think it was this great gift they were handing you not a loan..
Oh and if you don´t managed to pass everything in your first semester you won´t get your student loan at Christmas, because you see they are only paid after each semester.... making the first semester near impossibly to cover by people with responsibilities...and bankrupting those who perhaps fail one of five courses...

Is this supposed to be equality in a country where the enourmity of the taxes is excused by Iceland being a welfare state, where hospitals, education and equality is ensured...?


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