Monday, March 08, 2004

a thought

humm just had a thought... computer programming is very much built up on western thoughts and ideas.... would the programming for word processing have been radically different if invented and developed in the far east.. i.e. not basing everything on a small aplhabet but on a large number of symbols...? Instead of a few symbols making up a whole array of meanings... humm wonder ponder...
this one - sero thing is built up on the idea of opposites, two of everything .. that is not always the case in all human societies... yet again in fairytales we get the threes constantly cropping up....

just wondering about the duality that forms the basis of computer programming and that also forms the basis of western thought...

then I started wondering how browsers read the information on oriental web pages and wether there is a form recognition thing inbuilt in it or wether each kanji has a formula that the browser reads and interprets..

ok systems overload ;-) Goodnight

Already one answer in ;-)

actually its not that complicated. the webbrowsers have various character tables which they use to look up the character value of a given numeric code which represents some character. These tables are of variable size but are standardized. Most characters have the same value in all tables but if you are browsing a western site there is no need to load the large table containing all the different kanji so the load a small one, when a character which has an unknown numeric code is found, the page prints a garbled letter. but once you switch to the larger table, then the correct character is shown.


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