Friday, April 16, 2004

Amount of TV viewed as a toddler linked to childhood ADHD

"The data from 2,500 children covered by the study found that they watched an average of 2.2 hours per day at age 1 and 3.6 hours per day at age 3. But some watched 12 hours or more. "

1-3 year olds watching TWELVE hours of TV a day? Jeez.

Our only television was a 9 inch Black and White model until I was 9. That was when when we got a 13 inch color set. In Iceland there used to be no tv on Thursdays, no tv in July and the only childrens show were the weekly kids show (an hour on Sunday), little house on tha prairy and Tom and Jerry on Mondays....
Admittedly my kids have watched a lot more tv than that but .. still 12 hours at that age.. that´s more time than mine spent awake at that age !!!!!

By the way...God apparently hates shrimp

I watch even less TV now. Internet, on the other hand... ;)


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