Wednesday, April 28, 2004


After my verb conjugator posting it was pointed out to me that in this here insane world of ours there are currently more fluent Klingon speakers than there are speakers of Icelandic. I kinda doubted the figure but then I started thinking I personally know two people here in Iceland that can speak Klingon, Halldor added one more to that list.
So say that there are only these three klingon speakers in Iceland (doubtful though) that´s three people per three hundred thousand (Icelands grand population)... take that figure and the what two-three billion people that have access to tv´s in the world.... yikes it´s probably true ...!!!

I should as Svava said be concentrating on my Klingon rather than Japanese!

Ahh regarding Japanese I want to brag a wee bit, last weekend we took a mock version of level four japanese language proficiency test at school and guess what... I passed with flying colours !!!!

My lowest score was on the grammar, only 6.8, then kanji and reading 7.6 and finally comprehension a staggering 9.5 !!
I´m extatic seeing as I didn´t even prepaire for the test at all...
If you are curious as to what exactly the JLPT is then you can find information regarding them here. Here you can try your hand at the kanji version of said exam ;-)


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