Sunday, April 11, 2004

The Reliable Bunny
By Dean Koontz
(Didn't you guys know Dean Koontz writes children's poetry?!)

Pity the Easter bunny
For his job isn't funny.
Carrying a billion eggs
Is so tiring on the legs.
Also a billion baskets!
He blows out all his gaskets
With all the heavy lifting
And so much Easter gifting.
All that chocolate candy
Is really too darn handy.
He nibbles here, nibbles there,
He's a nib-nib-nibbling hare.
Chocolate ducks and chickens -
How fast his waistline thickens!
Easter Eve - he wasn't big.
Now - big as a moose is big!
Bigger than a bear is big!
Bigger, bigger, really BIG!

Monday morning, he must diet,
Eating food that isn't quiet:
Crunchy lettuce, carrots, too.
Now he's feeling really blue.
Chocolate tasted so much better.
But he can't fit in his sweater.
No chocolate now - only clover,
Well, if he can still bend over
To eat the clover so sweet.
He can't even see his feet.
However, in another year,
When Easter again draws near,
He'll once more be slim and swift,
Missing not a single gift.
He can't be slowed by rain or snow.
The bunny simply is a pro.


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