Friday, May 28, 2004

Hullo there

Finally got around to fixing my archive page as well as updating my friends links ;-) Not much to say apart from that.. As things stand I´m working on my thesis, yes .. yet again and yes..I´m really working on it and .. YES !!! I am finishing it this summer ;-)

We´re moving to Edinburgh next autumn and no ;-) I still haven´t been accepted at edi Uni ;-) But the decision has been made ... :-D It´ll work out one way or another.. If all else fails I have my work permit ..

Oh and I´m off on my very first ever holiday beach resort holiday ;-) Only for a week mind you! Don´t think I could manage more than a week having only sun and sand... But according to various testimonials it apparently grows on one so hey here I come ;-) I´m going with a friend to Portugal which should be fun seeing as I´ve never been there...
Oh and I got, what i consider to be, great grades :-D a 9.5, 9, 8.5, 8, then a 7 and a 5.5 on a retake exam, so all in all a pretty good semester :-D

Kids are healthy and looking forward to the whole Britain experience, will however have to wean them off calling Scotland England or else they´re headed for trouble once we get there ;-P


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