Sunday, May 30, 2004

International Day at Austurbaejarskoli

Today Ragnars school (my old school) celebrated the end of a three year project focused upon the intergration of various cultures into the school. They had a parade around the centre of town led by people wearing various national costumes and the the whole horde followed dressed in colourful costumes. Post parade everyone gathered in the schoolyard for a shindig and a bit of hootenanny (just had to use these buffyverse learnt phrases ;-)
I kinda envy Ragnar growing up in this international society that exists here now. In his class there are six nationalities alone ;-) and the great part is how this encourages acceptance and tolerance. This being made obvious by the fact that none of the kids consider him handicapped in anyway but frequently ask where he's from due to his language usage :-D !!
All in all an excellent day :-) p.s. although I must admit to being totally beat now, especially seeing as I'm babysitting another four year old uber princess ;-)


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