Friday, May 07, 2004

My major exams are over ;-) .....!

I´ve already gotten one grade which was excellent, if I do say so myself (9.5) but that was the easy one, the comprehension one.. I´ve still got to get the grammar :-(, writing and then the literature resaults....

Elenas birthday was yesterday.....ooooops the day before yesterday ;-) The one, the one half of the most amazing things to happen to me in the last decade!!!!! Isn´t it amazing that I be entrusted with such an amazing being.. such a being of talents and remarkably good humour (especially remarkable seeing as she´s stuck with me)
And how big has she become... *wrinkled forehead* met a friend in Kringlan (the mall (note the quasi singular)) with her baby daughter who´s only one and boy! is mine big... no longer a baby at all .... ... ...


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