Thursday, August 26, 2004

Heyja all,

Am still very much alive, actually starting to really like this city here as a place to live. Admittedly neither the bank account nor the telephone have come through, yet, but It'll work out I'm sure ;-)

Thank you for bearing with me, as things stand I'm writing a couple of words at a time when I go to an internet cafe and downloading pictures unto the picture site en masse at the same time.

The kids are loving their school, believe it or not as well as loving the warmth and opportunities here. Warmth as in being able to wear shorts and skirts sans tights and opportunities as in parks, merry go roundabouts, chinese eat-all-you-can restaurants, tv channels, butterfly farms ect.... :-D I'm loving the fact that even on my student allowance I can afford to grant them things, going out to that chinese restaurant for the three of us costs about 15£ in Iceland I couldn't get a takeaway hamburger for us for that prize.

Sitting in the sun in the park, gazing up at Edinburgh Castle eating ice cream after having been playing or sitting in a pub after having been to a church festival/jumblesale/barbeque/jumping castle, eating crisps and drowning juice
(I of course had the required ice cold beer in hand) Ragnar exclaimed (both times) this has been the best day ever ;-) Warms a mothers heart...

As things stand I have no idea when I'll actually get a phone line so the blogging is going to be very intermittant until then. Well to all ye weirdoes that actually read this thing ;-) Live long and prosper.. ? ;-) Oh I went and baught the Firefly series on DVD it was bound to happen sooner or later and I was practically forced !! Honest..innocent blinking ;-p

As usual all pictures are to be found here ;-)


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