Thursday, August 19, 2004

Hiya all,

A very short note just to say that I am indeed alive and well and currently residing in rainy Edinburgh ;-) After a hectic month or so we moved on the ninth of August and due to the amazingly bureaucratic way of things here I still haven't got a phone line nor an internet connection. You see I need a bank account to be able to get a telephone line, only I can't get a bank account unless I have a bill that's been sent to my house or a valid British drivers licence and one seems to need a bank account to be able to get those.. kinda a catch 22. Anyways, dad sent a letter of refrence stating he'd known me all his life and things seem to be working out. Hopefully I'll have a bank account tomorrow and can then go about getting hooked online again.

We have a lovely apartment just off Leith walk so we're close to the centre but still in a fairly quiet residential area. Admittedly the colour of the water took us by surprice ;-D. And the best of all is that the kids primary school is just around the corner!

The kids started school on Tuesday, which was quite an experience for them seeing as they don't speak the language at all... but They're coping admirably :-) Of course ! Seeing as they're mine ;-P

Elena is in Primary one and was quite miffed when she found out the first day that to begin with they'd only be painting and playing, she'd thought they'd get straight down to learning the letters and things ;-)

Ragnar went into Primary four and is so out of his league, but he seems to be coping and the kids have been really helpful. I let him out to play by himself last night and I was the worst mother hen ever, actually hiding behind a truck to see how he was coping and wether he managedto make contact. Difficult knowing how much leaway to give them when I know that he doesn't even know the street name yeat and can't speak the language.

Anyways, this will have to do for now, some pictures on my photopage including a couple of them in their new school uniforms :-)


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