Friday, September 10, 2004

Envious one...

As you may be aware I spent last winter studying Japanese at the University of Iceland. Well after an excellent year filled with the making of great friendships, better parties and even some modicum of studying we've all parted and gone our separate ways. And now a number of them are off to Japan to study for real, and that's where the envy part comes in !!

Kristofer, Mikael, Gummi and Dori all got accepted into Kansai Gaidai. Arni got accepted into Waseda university and Ester Chan into Wikipeda :-)

All but Arni have active hompages which I promice to follow avidly ;-)

Dori and Kristofer have even been so proliferous as to put up picture sites ;-)
Now I eagerly await Ester Chans news as well as pictures, you hear that Ester ?? !! ??

Well my half an hour at the internet cafe is just about up, so until later :-D


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