Monday, November 01, 2004

Count Bush blocks his website from the aliens accross the sea

Apparently Bush and Kerry are related, as well as being related to count Dracula ;-P Check out the flash for further proof as well to see if "you" are perhaps related as well....? (cue eerie music)

On the Bushy subject apparently Bushes re-election campaign web page has been marked off limits for quite a lot of foreigners ;-) Including Scotland I gound out. This they say is done for "security reasons" ;-) Oh well, if you do however feel the need to browse his site you can do so by going through a proxy like here :-D No keeping us out of places we´re not supposed to be ehi?

I´m curious whether Iceland has also been cut off, anyone feel like checking for me ?

via the rabid librarian and Yummy Wakame


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