Monday, October 25, 2004

An end to an era

An end to an era

Well I´m off for a couple of days, not that I´ve been very good at blogging for the past week but anyway ;-) We´re making up for lost time at school hence I´m travelling to Sheffield to stay there.... which means... yeah precisely..finally some party time :-D Admittingly on a Monday night but hey, one makes do with what one can ;-) For you recently joined I´ve got two kids hence tend to be kinda stuck at home, which is getting seriously depressing seeing as my partner who´s not much for going out has been out loads more than me in the last two months :-( Not the natural order of things I tell you !!
As for news, crossing of fingers, if all went as things should have gone, I graduated from the University of Iceland on Saturday and am now officially a FOLKLORIST.. Yeah .. some minor jumping around, I finally posess a title, and no ..... mistress doesn´t count ;-P
Last night I even dreamt I was breaking up with Bjarni (my ex husband) and it felt so good !! It was on my terms, I was finishing this nonsense and I think it was directly connected to the fact that I´ve finally managed to finish my primary degree after ten years of guilttrips and not acknowledging that I just am what I am (enter a chorus of five scantily clad men) and I can just about do whatever it is I want!!


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