Thursday, October 28, 2004

It´s finally official !!!

LOOKYHERE for the absolute proof of me having finally at long last graduated... Even as I searched for my name on the list I worried that some glitch or another had come up causing me not to have graduated at this time... I needed to see it black on white :-) And here it is :-D Third column from the bottom, Félagsvísindadeild twentysecond line from the bottom :-D I´m there, I´m a folklorist and ... o.k. so I´m slightly going overboard with this but ... This is a ten year achievement... Not having finished this has always lain heavily upon me, Ivé felt like I hadn´t accomplished anything, and minor details like me having had two children, been married and divorced, and having taught for four years at varying levels kinda didn´t count in my weird psyche ;-P

I feel so relieved as well as enthusiastic about my current studies :-D

Cheers from a batty Icelander in Edinburgh.


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