Thursday, October 07, 2004

Sweet relaxation :-)

The essay was handed in today by my brother, apparently the very last essay to be handed in this semester *blush* Of course as soon as they´d handed in the essay and returned home my dad realised that there were these odd three pages just lying on the floor so poor Steini had to trot off again to see if the returned essays had all the appropriate pages ;-)

It is done, sixe years of tension, stress, sense of failure and are over... finally I can concentrate on something new and different, ;-) grin, my Ma dissertation!! Which incidentally is only supposed to be shorter than my Ba thesis was... Oh well..

It is remarkable how often I´ve had panick attacks at night worrying about this blasted essay and the fact that every time I handed something in to my supervisor it would be returned with ... never mind. It´s over now :-D !!!

I felt so elated today, went off to search for a library here in Edinburgh, only to find out that the national one doesn´t even have the periodicals I needed, was then directed to the school of scottish studies where I was welcomed with open arms, given free reins in their library and collections and invited to attend lectures every Friday :-D So I´m literally attending school at two university departments, Yay ! :-) I´m getting the wague feeling of being rewarded ;-) being extraordinarily lucky, finally I´m living my dream of attending university in Britain and end up being welcomed in two :-D

Seeing as my department is in Sheffield I´m having to commute, but the classes are only every Tuesday so it´s not too big a hassle. And the four hours geting there are well spent sleeping and the four returning are excellent for studying!

Anyways, A great big thanks and a hug to all of you who wished me luck and congratualtions :-D Love y´all ;-)

Now I´d better start tidying up, am having an Icelandic friend over and somewhat unsurpricingly not much tidying has been done in the past week ;-P


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