Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Things aren´t shaping up very well over here, have had a flu/cough/cold for a while and for the moment it just seems to be getting worse :-( I think my body in order to gain immunity to British flus decided to dump them all on me at once, kinda a "get four for the price of one" deal ;-)

As I scrambled out of bed, blowing my nose, having a coughing fit and apologizing to Halldór for keeping him awake all night I made my way into the kids bedroom, and managing to sound cheerful and not too dead, proceeded to wake them up by stroking their backs (as I usually do) and was then greeted by my daughter mumbling " mind you in perfect English" I don´t want to go to school, it´s boring ..!!! So what are they teaching the kids over there ;-) The first sentence she ever utters fully in English at home and that´s it..?

Bleh..dreams get so weird when one is sick, dreamt all night (I know it because I woke up every 30 mins) that I was dealing with the human pestilence problem aboard the Babylon 5... geek anyone ;-) ? Hate when I get those fever inspired loop dreams... after a while the most innocent dream turns into a nightmare if you´ve gone through it often enough!

Halldór is amazing, he´s been taking full care of the kids here. Getting them up and ready for school, making their lunches, fetching them from school, taking them to judo, making dinner for us and then to top it all I keep him up all night ...

Sappy thoughts..


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