Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Contemplations on Virgin Express ;-)

Ahhh, realxing on the train, Jón Kjartans version of various troubador songs in my ears... The rolling hills of England outside, complete with mist and all.. and then, the sheep...
The sheep that are painted red and blue !! What´s with that??? I heard once that it was a way of marking upon which sheep what ram had gone, i.e. the underside of his belly coloured so as to mark the lucky sheep... but it´s not really the right time of the year for that?? Or is it? Well let´s think..nov, dec, jan, feb, mar, apr.. makes six months.. woe be me, lived on a farm for a year and have absolutely no idea as to the typical length of a sheeps (pregnancy) ( can´t be the right word, but it´ll do) ;-) This would explain why most of the sheep have two or more colours on their backs... kinda illogical if that were the general marking, right?

It´s nice in a kinda surreal way though, rolling green hills cut up by railway tracks and long straight lines of red leaved trees. Castles enveloped in mist and pretty farms surrounded by sheep with long tails....oh and why are all the cows ere the same colour, black and white gets boring after a while ;-P I´ll stop now!!.. It´s snowing at home right now....

School´s starting to get busy.. for today I had to prepare for a presentation on a Proppian analysis of an Icelandic Wonder tale, a presentation on a participant observation I did a while back and a presentation on a filedwork manual of my own free choice ;-) Pretty basic, excellent practice but not exactly the most interesting of jobs.. well at least the Proppian thingie wasn´t. But there again it was about time I actually applied the functions to a fairy tale, I´ve until now always gotten away with applying them to movies of my choice..

Only a month till Christmas..food for thought... well it is for us seeing as the plan is to celebrate Christmas on the 18th or the 19th instead of on the 24th... Waiting for ghasping sounds of shock... well, seeing as the kids will be leaving on the 22nd for Iceland to spend Christmas with their father it merely seems logical to speed things up, let them enjoy celebrating two Christmases and for us to enjoy celebrating with them!! And it isn´t anyway like the date is the absolute truth of dates, “the” birthday of Christ ;-) More like Christianity assimilating the old Yule and midwinter traditions so as to fix their seat better.

But this does mean that I´ll be asking family and friends who were planning on sending the kids presents to think about it sooner than later, please.

Well, getting into Sheffield in abit, better start packing .....


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