Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Why ... ? How...? Rude people really raise my bristles !!! :-( Rude inconsiderate people top the list .. Oh never mind, just had a “fun” encounter on a crowded train with a man who stubbornly refused to give his seat to us, me and Ragnar, even though it was clearly marked as reserved and I had the ticket showing that this seat had been reserved for me. In the end the young man in the opposing seat gave us his seat so that we could sit next to each other and with a group starting to form behind me I had bo choice but to accept it even though I felt it horribly unfair on him!

Things are starting to heat up at school, just realised we have but three lessons left until the end of term and two major assignments to hand in on Tuesday. Christmas is also less than a month away, what with us intending to celebrate it on the 18th. Then a month from today the kids will be in Iceland. Loads of fine seasonal reasons for getting all panicky and sweaty ;-P

Had a nice day though. Decided to get the day off from school for Ragnar and drag him accross the UK for a change. Then due to it being reading week this week spent the entire day in the library searching for refrences for next weeks annotation project. It´s normally my strong side but working without my own personal library and not really knowing the library here the way I do Þjóðarbókhlaðan, everything takes just so much longer... That is wehn I´m doing my own research ;-P To clarify, when I went off in search of Gideons chosen annotations they just appeared to me, I found them aplenty all over ..... Typical ehi?


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