Monday, November 22, 2004

The Incredibles

Went to see the Incredibles last night and was very pleasantly surpriced. It kinda embodies a lot of different genres, it was a family film, an adventure movie, a superhero movie and quite funny to boot ;-)
For most of the movie I kept gnawing my nails over not being able to identify who was the voice behind Elasti girl. I´m weird I know but I need to know these things ;-) Turned out to be Holly Hunter :-) Jason Lee, of skateboarding and Kevin Smithian fame voiced the inevitably small but still uber villain and Samuel L. Jackson was Frozone.
My favorite character though was the costume designer seamstress Edna. Whose character I found out was based on a real life costume designer Edith Head, who worked as a studio costume designer on hundreds of movies for over fifty years. You can see a photo of her here and there is quite a remarkable semblance ;-P

Definitely a movie I´d recommend :-D All four of us enjoyed it and one of the things I really enjoyed observing was the kids reactions to the different jokes and scenes, normally not the same as the ones that made us laugh but obviously funny to all the kids in the theatre. Now all we need is the matching set of uniforms ;-) one for every member of the family ;-D Or we could go for the cookiejar, something "every" family needs ;-P


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