Wednesday, November 10, 2004

O.k. now it´s getting crreeheepy...

There´s this site... well there are a few of them, on which Americans photograph themselves along with messages of sorryness for having unvittingly been a part of presenting the world with another 4 years of Bush. At first it was funny, a relief from the scaryness that is the election fiasco but now it´s kinda getting out of hand... There´s only so much sorry to be said. I notice that I´m not the only one feeling this way seeing as now there are people from other countries posting their "u don´t need to be sorry" pics ;-) ... A circle anyone..

It´s kinda like in class isn´t it, where the teacher (that would be me) finds herself berating the pupils that actually show up for class for the absence of those who didn´t.. totally useless and fully unfair..

Then there are those that are a gem ;-) at least to ubergeeks like me :-D "If only Buffy and Giles had been here, they could have stopped the ascension". (p.s. does he remind anyone else here of Hrafn Gunnlaugsson or that MH teacher whatshisname?)

On a different note, added two new links to my friends links, ok so maby they´re not quite friends, yet anyway but I feel a certain sense of kindred to them seeing as we all share the same birthday ;-) April 20th and funnily enough their blogs seem oddly familiar.. These would be the Antisocial Bitch and the Oxymoron :-D Found them via the Globe of Blogs where one can search by birthdays amongst other criteria :-) So what do you think, any similarities ..?


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