Friday, November 05, 2004

Studying at Sheffield

So now I´m studying for my masters degree in folkloristics at Sheffield... About bloody time as dad would put it.. ;-) There´s only the four of us in this Masters group, There´s noI complaining though!! It allows for a very personal, comfortable and intense learning environment that extends outside the office walls. Literally we´ll go to the pub (don´t you just love Britain !! :-D) and sit there discussing the material, our thoughts on it and all kinds of folklore stuff which intense once a week classes don´t really allow for. A very comfortable environment is already brewing I think it´s going to be a fun year indeed.

The classroom or rather office environment is fun as well. Wherever one is, be it the kitchen or the classroom there are loads of books and files all over the place, I actally think that the loo is th only room in the building that hasn´t got any filing cabinets nor books... however on closer though I think there´s a filing cabinet in there ;-P .... Books everywhere... Perfect right?

Iæm getting more used to the commuting, but still having to get up at quarter to five is hell, and then having to spend eight hours that day on train is somewhat tiring. But it offers an eccellent opportunity for reading, studying and I can always watch stuff on my computer... Right now I´m half way through series 6 of Buffy.. well there was this incident, well I have this credit card, and I was searching for propp (morphology of the folktale)on the Amazon web and totally by accident I accidentally came by Buffy only to find out they were half the price ... And seeing as I had just grduated and hadn´t recieved any pressies.. I just "had" to get one... ok two... seasons :-D

Anyways off to get the kids from school, cheers from freezing Edin.


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