Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A danish Cookie baking gettogether...

It was a long weekend, albeit a nice one. On Sunday the Icelandic community here in Scotland held its Christmas ball. Excellent fun, primarily for the kids though. There were the cakes, and the Tree, and the dancing around the tree and then Santa showing up with presents consisting of Icelandic sweets ;-) The kids were just so thunderstruck that everybody spoke Icelandic :-D It was held at the home of one of the local Icelanders, a great big manor house on the outskirts of Edinburgh, impressive is an understatement in itself. Unfortunately due to my ongoing flu/chest infection together with a great big soaring fireplace and a dog or two I spent most of the time outside trying to catch some oxygen :-( Getting tired of this already. Alas seeing as my camera was shot I didn´t get any pictures either :-(

Then on Monday we were invited round to a friends house for cookie baking ;-) A first for me! But it was excellent fun, admittedly I left the cookie making to Halldór, the kids and the others whilst I contemplated the intricate art of mulled wine and fine conversation ;-)
The cookies were good and the company delightful... I´m definitely starting to get into the Christmas spirit of things ;-P

The pictures here are all courtesy of Chris (centre picture)


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