Monday, December 13, 2004

Not very promicing...

Got this in my weekly horoscope today, doesn´t bode well especially seeing as Tuesdays are my going to Sheffield day.. ;-)

Tuesday, by contrast, is not the best day to arrange important meetings or to plan schedules, and trips may be better put off if you can help it. Mercury is still retrograde and sextiles Neptune, so rather than get where you are supposed to, you may get nowhere at all. Be prepared!

Guess I´ll just have to keep my fingers crossed.. The electricity metre is off again, by off I mean giving out high pitched beeping sounds announcing imminenet cutoff of power. Weird system here, one has a card which one takes down to the post office and tops up by handing over money (of course) and is given in return cards which one then has to insert into the metre itself to top it up.....
Any others out there know of this system in use? This is my first encounter with it. ;-)


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