Tuesday, December 28, 2004

O.k. linkorama ;-)

As usual I "should" be studying but I came accross these and Just "had" to share them with you :-D

Billy Joels "We didn´t start the fire" set to photos with intermittent messages, I laughed repeatedly so...I´m pretty sure you will too :-D (or perhaps you´ll merely finally realise just how weird I am ....)

Edible Rasberry Gummi shot glasses anyone ? , make all the evidence dissappear ;-)

Ski masks for the fetishist family who has everything ;-) A sixties ad...

Some old Santa ads to regain the old innocence ;-P What says Christmas like Santa smoking behind the chimney?

And last but not least "The Hand Collector" pretty amazing collection of hands as well as imagination from around the globe...


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