Thursday, December 23, 2004


We're in London at the mo, handed the kids over to some french sounding bloke last night.... whom Elena immediately began to dazzle with her life story (eg MY life story) and the very best of hyper cuteness, picture blond, picture blinking, picture the smile of death ;-).... After a looooong night on a hard bench at Heathrow (somehow I don't think theyr're meant for sleeping on ;-) I checked with Bjarni and apparently they made it to Iceland safe...Just being my normal paranoid self..

Am currently just hanging about waiting for shops and more importantly pubs here in London centre to open...and then it's off to Edinburgh we go tonight.

... strange not having to break up a fight every five minutes ;-)

The kids were becoming mad with anticipation ;-P Wondering what their new "brother" was like, what their new "mother" is like and so on.... heavy for the little ones...

... Anyways ... Tallyho, whatever that means ;-D naughty thoughts.


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