Thursday, December 09, 2004

Weird and interesting linkage extravaganza !! (not to mention scary at times ;-)

Well here goes, ready for the weirdest, funniest and the strangest links I found today browsing ;-) ?

Well here you can find out what exactly your perfect man should look like, seeing as apparently the chinese have been aware of the fact for eaons that certain social characteristics come with a certain look... that´s all good and well I suppose, I tried it and the description of the man was pretty much as I´d like it but ... BUT... well he looked like an emancipated malnutritioned chinese guy..!

The Bible man movie !! Finally now on DVD ;-) It´s a must have...
"For the past decade, "The Bibleman Adventure" video series has thrilled millions and set the standard for action packed family home entertainment."

Then when I become silly rich may I please have one of these? A Castle of my very own!! It would be so incredibly cool ;-) altough it would have to have proper central heating!! A tower in which to have my study and a great big library downstairs, along with mahogany bookshelves, a rolling satircase or better yet a sill for the second row of books, big ornate stained glass windows with great big windowsills filled with comfy pillows for reading ... not getting too far ahead of myself here am I ;-P

The foot in mouth award, truly inspired. This award, which was first awarded in 1993, is for a truly baffling comment by a notiary.
This year's winner is Boris Johnson MP for a comment on the 12 December 2003 edition of Have I Got News For You?
"I could not fail to disagree with you less."

Other good ones include 1998: Cardiff MP Rhodri Morgan. In an interview with BBC Newsnight's Jeremy Paxman he was asked if he would like to be the labour leader of the new Welsh Assembly. Rhodri replied 'Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?'. After a long puzzled pause Jeremy asked Rhodri if that was Welsh for yes!

Ugly Christmas lights dot com - This site is here to show those houses where the residents have no sense of decency in how they choose to celebrate. We will show the garish, the ugly, the weird. For your own sake, and the sake of your neighbors, do not try this at home.

An amazing character study of the skeletal systems of 22 present and past cartoon characters. Awesome Art ;-)

For the age old question, "should the toilet paper hang inwards or outwards"...seems silly to me but have actually had people gotten angry with me for doing it the "wrong way" .. Well here´s the solution Argue no more! The Tilt-A-Roll lets each user decide "over" or "under."

Then for some views of New York,
The link to the left is a collection of photographs from the 1930s being compaired to photographs taken at the exact same spot fifty years later.
The link on the right however is to a site containing photographs taken during the building of the Emprie state building. Amazing the conditions unde which the men worked....

Here are a few very contradictory road signs, some quite amusing ;-)

And then the ultimate collection of "the Blue Screen of Death" can´t miss it, the Microsoft screen that irritates in the home is just plain funny on big major billboard ;-P

All you ever wanted to know, or didn´t really, about the number of the beast :-D or about the strangest deaths ever ...

Ever fancied an ant farm? well now´s your chance..or at real loss for a Christmas present for that special someone ;-P
I love the footnotes:
ANTS ARE NOT INCLUDED! However, there is a form included where you can order some ants for delivery via mail. But why bother? Just set out some potato chips in the kitchen and voila! Instant ant colony!

Sanity not included when you choose to knowingly bring Ants into your home. However, observing them in a natural habitat should bring you closer to nature than playing Doom 3.

Enough...? o.k. e couple more ;-)

Here´s one I REALLY loved ;-) A collection of photos of major rock stars from when they were young, babies even.. To my credit I recognized Freddy Mercury as a bouncing baby, Ozzy Osbourn at around 2, Sir Paul MacCartney at around 5, as well as the strapping young man on the left ;-) How many can you recognize????? please share ;-P

Then there is this here, it´s just plain SCARY!!! Karate Kid, the musical!! JUst what we´ve been waiting for ;-) They even have downloads and I listened to "wax on wax off" :-D just one minor question on my behalf......

O.k. if that didn´t scare/scar you then this should do the trick....Picture William Shatner.....Picture the seventies......Picture Elton John.....Picture three William Shatners doing a rendition of Elton Johns Rocket man, whilst smoking....Think you´re up for it? then trot on down here to view the video of a lifetime, nearly beats out Spock singing about hobbits ;-)

I think that should do for now? What do you think ;-)
Anything you liked ? ;-P


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