Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I´m back..

The essays are over and done with, even recieved a premilimary grade for the first one. Not exactly astounding but neither failed.. and I guess at masters level I can no longer expect my normal grades... sanity is slowly returning now that I´m back from chilly Wales. Wales you ask..? ;-) Well, the British contingent of the AFS held a retreat in Wales over the weekend ;-) Excellent fun!

We met up in Talgarth, apparently approximately 15 minutes from Cardiff ;-P
We, being the Sheffield folklore ma group :-) the intellectuals in question pictured left :-D !
All in all an excellent, albeit slightly tiring, weekend. Filled with loads of new faces, possible contacts and yes,... of course some beer drinking for those of you who know me ;-P
What is your weird quotient? Click to find out!
Anyways, will write more when coherence seeps back post sleeping ;-) As is obvious sleep is sorely needed seeing as meaning has been lost. New pics on both picture sites and..

Oh yes :-D !! Thank you all for commenting and helping me dechipher whos who on my "strange people who read my blog" list :-D

Hugs and cheers from a warm and somewhat befuzzled Edinburgh (hum wonder if that Millers did me any good ;-P) Yeah.. hey ho hey ho it´s off to sleep I go..


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