Thursday, January 20, 2005

mutter stutter....

Am sitting here, head splitting, both with headache as well as information I can´t seem to be able to mash together in order to finish this essay I´m supposed to hand in on Friday :-( It shouldn´t be so difficult, it´s just the whole "now I´m doing my masters" I don´t feel I can just hand in my ususal amalgamation of research liberally sprinkled with quotations and expect to get the 8.5 I´m used to...

Maybe that personality test I took in High school was right. Perhaps I am best cut out to be a flower shop clerk or an undertaker...... Apparently I was to avoid long term shooling at all costs!!

But then there was that other test that came up with me having to find a mixture of "jet pilot" "archaeologist" "missionary" and "designer".. pondered that one for a while ;-)
I had this Indiana Jonesque figure of me (strikingly handsome of course ;-) in missionary robes taking off in a ona-man-jet from Egypt.. cuse big scene...the pyramids crumbling in the background. A large dust cloud billowing up behind me.. Excetera ;-)
Speaking of which "WHY" do they always have to ruin everything in the end?? There are these incredible cultural treasures, manuscrpts and stuff (a very professional term) and as soon as the hero finds it, or rather is led there, everything crumbles to the ground. I hated the ending of The last crusade, there the right honorable knight had spent all these centuries guarding the chalice when along comes the "hero" and all crumbles, without, it would seem, a hint of regret...
Lara croft, although undeniably incredibly scorching, is to be found guilty of the same irrevocable misdemeanor!! That cave in Greece anyone..?
Admittingly the new one, National Treasure, although ever so slightly unrealistic, is fun and well paced and!! at least the treasures are kept to be enjoyed...
That scene when they enter the vault and she picks up that scroll from the library at Alexandria I just cringed...they weren´t going to have it explode or burn were they ?...shudder... but no, for once all went well ;-P

O.k. so I might just be a tad over emotional when it comes to experiencing movies on a rather personal note.. ;-)

Maybe it´s about time I got back to mr Ong and mr Foley.... Bleehhh

Bahh humbug ... I tells ya ;-P In the meantime, if you feel like seeing something different, on a rather scary and somewhat 18+ level then check out mr. spiderman here, ;-) naugthy ;-Þ


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