Tuesday, January 18, 2005


One down and one to go. No, not well... whatever you were thinking, you perverts ;-P I just finished printing and sending off my essay or rather report on an audio recorded interview and there´s only one to go and then the semester, the autumn one, is over !! :-D
So now...a short break, involving Charmed, blogging and then some pizzas, hey I´ve got 4 other mouths to feed!! And then I guess it´s time for dear mr. Lord, whom I´ve neglected over the holidays but seems to be calling me again.
So "orf" I go to reread the Eddas, try to remember anything from Gísli´s course on oral tradition and the Eddas and well....panickly hitting the computer seeing as it´s to be handed in on Ghasp !! Friday....


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