Sunday, January 09, 2005

A recap.....

Hello My preciousssessssss, yessss....
What a year! The last year and a half has been remarkably eventful for me. As I´m sitting here in a sofa blogging (ok so that hasn´t changed at all ;-) in Edinburgh, in a great flat, having a blast at school and having been able to snare a poor unwitting toyboy into a meaningful relationship, well the part about who did the snaring to whom is still under debate but hey ... "Younger sexy man ;-)
The kids are blossoming as well as learning a second language and I´ve lost well, let´s say I now fit into clothes a couple of sizes smaller than before...No more depressed cranky and lonely, but busy, cranky, teasing as hell and content ;-P
Last year was most definitely the year of the Monkey, throwing things up in the air and stirring life up :-D
In view of all the changes I decided upon a short recap of monthly events catalouging the journey goes...

June 2003, Whilst still a teacher in Blönduos, a tiny village in the north of Iceland I was feeling suffocated and using an understatement "extremely" lonely. Later in the month there was a joint trip to Edinburgh by the teachers of the northwest. You can rall about it on my blog here ;-) The trip included amongst other experiences an interview at Sheffield University.

July 2003, I finally moved back to Reykjavík (civilization ;-), admittedly back into my dads tiny decrepit basement but still a definite improvement.

August 2003, The kids started their respective schools ( read the August 25th post) and cope amazingly.

September 2003, I started University again (not having finished my old degree in folkloristics) this time studying at the brand new Japanese department of the University of Iceland. Strangely enough the first student, well one of two, I met just happened to be Halldór ;-) The social life kicks off immediately!

December 2003, yet again I fail to finish the Ba essay in Folkloristics, it is now 11 years. Christmas at the Vitastígur household :-D.

January 2004, The year kicks off with an idol party with the Japanese department, one to remember for various reasons ;-P

February 2004, sees the annual japanese student festival :-D and I go to Italy to help dad pack up and move back to Iceland. And bring back t-shirts for the kids of course ;-)

March 2004, ..... Simple....Say no more... ;-P

April 2004, My birthday of course :-D

May 2004, got accepted into Sheffield and it becomes obvious I´m NOT going to meet the June Ba Essay deadline ... ;-P Oh and I win a prize at the first ever japanese speach contest in Iceland.

June 2004, I gain full custody over the kids, pheeewwww! A lot of stress relieved.

July 2004, Halldór and me go gallavanting off to Portugal and then swerve over to Edinburgh to go flathunting. Which incidentally proves very fruitful.

August 2004, We move !!! Finally my long awaited dream comes true, I´m moving abroad to study. I have been accepted into Sheffield universities folklore course (in spite of having yet to finish that darned Ba essay) I have a similarly minded partner and apart from feeling guilty over leaving dad behind all is well.

September 2004, Good month, Halldór arrives, I start Unii :-D and..........It is done, at long long LOOOOOOOoooooong last!!! It only took 12 years approx for me to get my so called four year degree in folkloristics but I finally did it!! Admittingly I did do a couple of things in the meantime, like have two kids, play schoolteacher for four years and do some intermittent office work ;-)

October 2004, November 2004, December 2004, Happy times ;-) School´s invigorating, kids are coping with their school as well as the language, and Halldór is enjoying his DDM (Digital media and design)

Quite a remarkable turn of events but definitely for the better :-D Hope your last year was as good as mine !! Here´s to what comes next, Cheers :-)


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